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Industry News
2019-01-19 15:53:00
China's agricultural mechanization promotes rapid development
The implementation of the purchase subsidy policy is highly efficient, and the level of agricultural machinery and equipment is rapidly increasing. The central government's agricultural machinery purc
2019-01-19 16:00:00
Agricultural machinery triangle belt
Triangular tape is widely used in agricultural machinery models. The standardized triangular belt has a trapezoidal cross section and no joints in the whole circle. It is divided into seven types: O-t
2019-01-19 15:58:13
Precautions for replacing new parts with agricultural machinery
Some operators believe that it is very simple to repair replacement parts for agricultural machinery, and install the updated parts. In fact, if the new parts are not properly assembled,
2019-01-19 15:56:58
Teach you how to get out of the misunderstanding of agricultural machinery
The ideology is contemptuous, and the accidental frequency of agricultural transport vehicles is simple in structure and slow in speed.
2019-01-19 15:57:10
Agricultural machinery oil, choose "three no"
First, do not use agricultural machinery oil instead of agricultural machinery gear oil and compared with gear oil, low viscosity, anti-wear and load resistance are also weak.