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Product name

3WF-11 Mist Sprayer

Affiliate classification
Product description
Main Features
■ Compared with other models, the model is with small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance and high efficiency.
■ This machine quality is stable, reliable performance, corrosion resistance, bear homework and comfortable.
■ The model adopts unique structure design, and all the parts contacting medical are made with corrosion resistant reinforced plastics or stainless steel, so you can be at ease use and need not consider solution on the machine corrosion problems and long service life.
■ Novel ventilation structure transfer the wind to back cushion, even if in sunny weather, the operator will back because of the cool sweating less.
■ Because chemical tank is with big mouth, adding pesticide is simple and convenient, even if the bag pesticide can directly to tank.
■ Under- chemical tank has one out-mouth, residual pesticides can easily to be removed.
■ The engine apply anti-recoil starter and can be conveniently operated .High temperature parts have protection facilities, and easy to use.
■ Big hose and volute case connection apply the rotary structure, so making operation conveniently. Hose can be used in a long time.
■ Be used to plant diseases and pest insect prevention and control such as cotton, wheat, rice, and fruit trees and also can be used in chemical weeding and urban and rural health epidemic prevention. Be applicable to mountain area, foothills and scattered land.
■ The model is famous brand product in Shandong province and the ideal plant machinery.
Technical Specifications


3WF-11 Mist Sprayer

Average droplet diameter(um)


Net weight (kg)


container capacity(L)


The spraying dosage ( Liquid)(kg/min)


Dusting the amount of (Powder)(kg/min)


Horizontal range(m)


Mating power



Gasoline and two stroke gasoline engine oil by 30:1volume ratio


Electronic ignition

Starting method

Recoil start

Shutdown method

Throttle full-closure

Rated power(kw/r/min)


  Average droplet diameter(um)


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