Teach you how to get out of the misunderstanding of agricultural machinery

  The ideology is contemptuous, and the accidental frequency of agricultural transport vehicles is simple in structure and slow in speed. Most of them are driven on the rural roads where people and vehicles are scarce. Therefore, it is wrong to think that the agricultural transport vehicles do not have to be carefully maintained and operated, and there are problems that can be used for speeding. Overloading and overcrowding are commonplace. However, due to its simple structure, it is determined that its driving performance is not as sensitive, perfect and reliable as a car.
  The running-in is not in place, and the life expectancy is greatly reduced. Some agricultural operators mistakenly believe that the running-in test is an unnecessary move. Therefore, buying a new car or a locomotive after the overhaul is not without running-in, or just rushing a few laps and rushing to "take the job." As a result, the locomotive parts are worn out quickly, the faults are increased, the efficiency is reduced, and even a serious disaster may be cast.
  If the lubrication is not on time, the wear will increase the lubrication of the parts of the locomotive. The lubrication of the parts of the locomotive cannot be carried out on time and according to the parts. It is often neglected that some lubrication points can not immediately show the fault, and it will become a big problem over time. Serious mechanical accidents such as oil pans, air filters, etc., which cannot be filled with oil on time, occur frequently.
  Refueling is not divided into seasons, and the number of failures increases. Some agricultural operators use the same grade of lubricating oil regardless of the winter and summer seasons. This is not only uneconomical, but also prevents the machinery from being effectively lubricated. I have encountered a farmer's hand, his car is always difficult to start, after inspection, gas distribution, fuel and other systems are no faults, after the inquiry is difficult to start in winter, spring and summer is easy, hot car is easy, cold car is difficult. It turned out that he still used oil in summer in winter, with high viscosity and high resistance, so it is difficult to start importing pump valves.
  Incorrect operation, some agricultural machinery that damages the parts of the machine, like to use the gear when operating the shift lever, for fear that it will not be able to hang up, resulting in damage to the machine, resulting in excessive braking force, excessive force, easy to damage the machine or brake failure. The clutch pedal is not stepped on to the end, the separation is not easy to break the gear; the brake is not closed first; the brake is used as the emergency brake.