Reasons for insufficient diesel engine power

  1, air filter problem
  If the air filter is not clean, the intake resistance will increase, the air flow will decrease, and the charging efficiency will decrease, resulting in insufficient engine power. Clean the air filter element or remove dust from the paper filter as required and replace the filter if necessary.
  2, exhaust pipe blockage
  Blocking the exhaust pipe will result in poor exhaust and reduced power. It should be checked whether the exhaust gas conduction resistance is increased due to too much carbon deposit in the exhaust pipe. Generally, the exhaust back pressure should not exceed 3.3kpa, and the carbon deposit in the exhaust pipe should be cleared frequently.
  3. The fuel supply advance angle is too large or too small
  If the fuel supply advance angle is too large or too small, the oil pump injection time will be too early or too late (the fuel injection time is too early, the fuel combustion is not sufficient, too late, the white smoke will be emitted, the fuel will not burn enough), so that the combustion The process is not at its best. In this case, check whether the fuel pump nut is loose. If it is loose, adjust the oil supply advance angle again according to the requirements and tighten the nut.
  4, piston and cylinder sleeve strain
  Due to the severe or worn strain of the piston and the cylinder liner, and the friction loss caused by the piston ring rubbering, the mechanical loss of the engine itself is increased, the compression ratio is reduced, the ignition is difficult or the combustion is insufficient, and the air leakage is serious. At this point, the liner, piston and piston ring should be replaced.
  5, fuel system failure
  (1) Air or blockage in the fuel filter or pipeline causes the oil passage to be unobstructed, the power is insufficient, and even the fire is difficult. The air entering the pipeline should be removed, the diesel filter should be cleaned and replaced if necessary.
  (2) Damage to the fuel injection parts causes oil leakage, seizure or poor atomization, and the engine power is insufficient. It should be cleaned, ground or replaced in time.
  (3) Insufficient oil supply to the fuel injection pump will also cause insufficient power. The coupler should be inspected, repaired or replaced in time, and the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump should be re-adjusted.