Precautions for replacing new parts with agricultural machinery

  Some operators believe that it is very simple to repair replacement parts for agricultural machinery, and install the updated parts. In fact, if the new parts are not properly assembled, the power of the agricultural machinery will decrease, the fuel consumption will increase, and the start-up will be difficult; Therefore, pay attention to the following points when purchasing replacement parts.
  1. Pay attention to the quality of parts when purchasing new parts. Do not buy fake and inferior products, carefully check the parts for rust, cracks, deformation and other defects, surface dimensions meet the requirements.
  2. Before assembly, the anti-rust coating on the surface of the new parts should be cleaned. In particular, precision couples should be paid more attention to avoid accidents.
  3. Some fittings should be replaced in pairs. If the gear is replaced, it is not only necessary to replace one of the more severely worn ones. When replacing the double row of sleeve roller chains in the transmission case, the main and driven sprocket should also be replaced in pairs; when replacing the cylinder liner, the piston should be replaced at the same time. Piston ring.
  4. The same type of standard parts and enlarged parts are not common. Manufacturers will produce oversized spare parts for users to choose when repairing. Therefore, when purchasing accessories, you must determine whether the purchased parts are standard or enlarged. For example, the standard crankshaft can only be selected for the journal. Otherwise, the machining amount is large when scraping the bearing bush, which wastes time and can not guarantee the repair quality, and greatly reduces the service life of the accessory.
  5. When replacing new parts, the models of new and old parts should be identical. When some operators replace the new injectors, they do not pay attention to the original nozzle specifications and models. If they buy the needle valve, they will often be difficult to start, and the injector will be stuck.
  6, must pay attention to the direction of installation. Some parts are directional, and if installed incorrectly, it will start difficult and even damage the machine.