China's agricultural mechanization promotes rapid development

  The implementation of the purchase subsidy policy is highly efficient, and the level of agricultural machinery and equipment is rapidly increasing. The central government's agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds reached 21.5 billion yuan, an increase of 2 billion yuan over the previous year, and it was fully implemented at the end of November. The effect of the subsidy policy was significant, which drove the demand for agricultural machinery consumption to heat up. The production and sales of agricultural machinery industry were booming, the total amount of agricultural machinery and equipment was accelerated, and the structure was accelerated. In 2012, the national total agricultural machinery power reached 1 billion kilowatts, which is expected to reach 1.02 billion kilowatts, an increase of 4.3%. Large and medium-sized tractors are expected to reach 4.9 million units, up 11.2% year-on-year; the number of weak rice transplanters and corn combine harvesters is expected to reach 507,000 units and 233,000 units, up 18.7% and 36.1% respectively. The trend of large-scale, double-type and matching of key crops and key links is obvious. The total output value of agricultural machinery industry above designated size is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan, maintaining a growth rate of more than 20% for six consecutive years, and continues to be in a leading position in the machinery industry.
  The important mechanized mechanized production organization is strong and orderly, and the level of agricultural machinery operations is rapidly increasing. During the important farming hours such as spring ploughing, Sanxia and Sanqiu, the supply and demand of agricultural machinery and equipment were balanced, the operating market was stable and orderly, and the operating area was greatly increased. The agricultural machinery became the main force for rushing for seed collection and disaster relief, which effectively guaranteed the progress and quality of agriculture. The mechanization of weak links is developing rapidly. The level of rice machinery planting is expected to exceed 30%, up 4% year-on-year; the level of corn machine harvest is expected to exceed 40%, up 6.5 percentage points year-on-year, and the growth rate has exceeded 6 percentage points for four consecutive years. The number of agricultural machinery cooperatives nationwide exceeded 31,000, an increase of more than 10% over last year. It is estimated that the annual operating income of agricultural mechanization services will reach 480 billion yuan, an increase of about 7% over last year. The vigorous development of agricultural machinery socialization services has effectively promoted land circulation and scale planting, and promoted the organizational level of agricultural production.
  The integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy has been solidly promoted, and the application scope of production-enhancing, resource-saving and environment-friendly agricultural mechanization technology has continued to expand. The agricultural machinery technology innovation and promotion actions have achieved remarkable results, and significant progress has been made in the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomic technology in key links. Focusing on the layout of advantageous agricultural products and the development of leading industries, we will actively promote the extension of mechanization to pre-production and post-production, and expand into areas such as economic crops and aquaculture. Give play to the role of demonstration zones such as agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery integration in the country, and focus on the promotion of 12 advanced and applicable agricultural mechanization technologies such as deep pine preparation, deep application of fertilizer, precision seeding and high-efficiency plant protection technology. The implementation area of ​​conservation tillage exceeded 100 million mu. The area of ​​water-saving irrigation technology has increased by 20 million mu.